Rochester, Elizabeth Longford and some glad tidings…


Apologies to my regular readers, if any of you exist. 2012 seems to have gone by in a blur, mainly a happy one but I can’t believe it’s nearly Christmas – only the presence of a half-eaten turkey sandwich on my desk and a pile of poorly wrapped gifts (by me, naturellement) confirm this to be true. 

Anyway as I wrote in an earlier blog, I’ve spent most of the year writing my Rochester biography, which is now coming to the end of its first draft. I look forward to sharing much more information about it next year when it’s finished, but broadly speaking it’s all going very well. It’s been a pleasure to research and write it (in the highly simpatico surroundings of the London Library) and I am already slightly dreading the day I finish, although this is tempered by my excitement at being able to share it with others. 

Some excellent news reached me this morning – the wonderful Society of Authors decided to award me their Elizabeth Longford grant for the book, which is a massive morale and financial boost to the project, and has made my Christmas a very happy one indeed. I’d strongly advise anyone working on a historical biography to apply for a similar grant. 

Have a wonderful Christmas one and all, and I look forward to seeing you in the New Year, where I’ll be kicking off 2013 with a review of Quentin Tarantino’s mental but oddly magnificent Django Unchained. 


One Response to “Rochester, Elizabeth Longford and some glad tidings…”

  1. JoHn Wilmot had a lot in common with Kit Marlowe..both had the balls to have no faith..when such things were seen as ungodly to say the least..

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